Frequently Asked Questions

Interior and Outdoor Blinds
Insect Screens
Why track-guided blinds?

The advantages are as follows:

  • Completely sealed – no gaps on both sides of the blind
  • Ease of operation – easy hand operated or motor-operated
  • Does not rattle in the wind
  • Provides a shield to morning and afternoon sun
  • Restricts dirt, dust, insects and raindrops
  • No unappealing bead chains, wire, ropes and therefore provides a child safe environment.
How are AusZip’s track-guided blinds different to other brands?

The hardest thing when choosing track-guided blinds is knowing which product will last the distance because when new they all look basically the same. It’s not until well after you’ve had your new track-guided blinds installed that you will know whether you’ve invested your hard earned money into a quality product or a dud.

At AusZip, only the best quality products go into the manufacture of our blinds and screens to produce high quality products that are great looking, flexible and highly durable.

Our hand-operated track-guided blinds can stop safely at any position. Our blind systems have no visible fixings and the world class fabric is fully zipped to frame.

Can I leave the outdoor blinds down on a windy day?

During high winds (35km per hour or more), blinds should be left completely down or fully retracted up. Motorised blinds should be supervised whilst in motion. Avoid operating the blind in high winds, as the motor will have difficulty moving the blind whilst wind pressure is against the fabric.

How do I clean the blinds?

Use a soft brush or a household cleaning cloth to clean the blinds.

How do I maintain the blinds?

In general, our blinds are designed to last for a long time without any need for maintenance for smooth operations.

What shall I take note when using motorised blinds?

Motorised blinds should be supervised while in motion to ensure there are not obstructions.

Why choose Freedom Retractable Screens®?

Freedom Retractable Screens® are the industry-leaders of retrofit retractable fly screens. Australian owned and made, we pride ourselves on being the best retractable screen on the market. NATA accredited tests results prove the incredible strength and innovative insect technology. Why choose anything else?

Will it spring back if I release it?

Freedom Retractable Screens® the only screens available with the patented Freedom™ Brake System, allowing you to stop the screen at any position along the track and eliminating unsafe spring-backs. Simply retract your screen when it’s not in use or easily pull it across to let the fresh air in – the braking system will hold the screen safely and steadily in place, anywhere on the track!

Does it have a warranty?

Yes, screens are back by a limited five-year warranty with a nationwide distribution network with parts and service back up.

What happens if the mesh gets damaged and it needs to be replaced?

Test results prove the incredible strength and innovative technology of the Freedom™ mesh-to-track retention system, however if your screen does get damaged, a mesh replacement can be arranged by a distributor near you for a reasonable cost.

Are Freedom Retractable Screens® wheelchair friendly?

Yes, there are a number of options you can choose to make your screen wheelchair-friendly including the 5mm guide strip and the recessed channel option.

Does the screen fit inside the reveal?

There are a number of ways your screen can be installed depending on your product choice. Freedom Retractable Screens are custom made for each individual client and may be face or reveal fitted to achieve the best solution. It preferable (but not essential) to fit before blinds and curtains.

Is it suitable for windy areas?

Yes, the Infinity Zipline™ withstood a wind rating of 350km/h which exceeds cyclone conditions!

What finishes are Freedom Screens available in?

There are a variety of finishes available including powder-coated and clear anodised aluminium and coloured end caps and brake levers. Visit the Download Centre to view the full range of powder-coat colours.

Can they be used with curtains & blinds?

Yes, in most instances we can fit the screen around your existing blinds or screens, however to make it easier, we do recommend you install your screens before your blinds or curtains.

Can they be automated?

Yes both the Freedom™ SmartScreen and the Freedom™ Infinity Zipline can be automated using Somfy® technology.

Do you have timber match colours?

Yes, we recommend the Dulux® Copper Pearl or ask us about our custom Sunburst colour.

Can you clean your Freedom Retractable Screen®?

Yes, simply use a wet sponge or vacuum.