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For a long time now track-guided blind systems have been available to the Blind and Awning Industry. Some really good systems that allow the outdoors indoors with their ease of operation. Combined with good fabrics they provide excellent protection from the elements in cool and warm climates. Year round protection in some cases. What they all have in common is there industrial look and feel about them. This makes it very hard to differentiate the features and benefits of the different systems on offer. AusZip Extreme blind is unique to the outdoor Blind and Awning industry. The profile is rounded and smooth in a distinct move from the industrial look of other systems. The side channel and bottom bar smooth rounded profile will enhance the client’s keenness to have a more appealing look to their outdoor area than a “tacked on afterthought look”.

Side Channel

Unlike other systems currently available the Dtrack side channel conceals the side spline when installed thereby only showing the fabric and removes the unsightly Kadar strips from view. Again enhancing a less industrial look about the whole product. The smooth rounded look softens the look of the blind and thereby enhances the ambience of any outdoor area.

Track Insert

The special PVC track insert provides for a less likely hood of wear and tear on the spline as it travels up and down. By allowing the spline to have its own track it is less likely to accumulate everyday dust and grime collecting in the track. This will allow ease of operation either by spring assisted or motorised

Bottom Bar

This piece of the Dtrack is the best feature of the whole system. The shape finishes of the whole system beautifully. The specially designed bar with its rounded edges reduces the likely hood of dirt and grime collecting. The end caps of the bar which are part of the centre opening mechanism allow the bar to smoothly glide up and down the side channel. The centre operation of the lock means ease of operation. We have incorporated not one but two weather strip channels to double the resistance to weather coming underneath. It also has the ability to have a valance inserted to counter sloping ground levels